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We're glad you stopped by. Here's a little 'bio' about us:

As a couple we began together with Luckie doing a stint in the Army. However, we spent most of our military career in the Air Force. While on active duty we led Christian fellowships all over the world.

diamond In the Army we were assigned to:  SF-31 (Nike-Hercules), Castro Valley CA; Combat Command 'C', 4th Armored Division, McKee Barracks, Crailsheim, Federal Republic of Germany.
diamond Air Force Assignments included:  Keesler, AFB, MS; Barksdale AFB, LA; Shaw AFB, SC; Lowry AFB, CO; San Vito AS, Italy; Wakkanai AS, Japan; Misawa AFB, Japan; Bitburg AFB, Germany; and Edwards AFB, CA.

Though now retired from active duty for many years, we have continued our teaching activities by:

diamond  Holding small group Bible Studies and,
diamond  Periodically hosting Retreats, Seminars or Work Shops.

All our teaching is Bible based, integrating the entire scripture, using a variety of presentation and study styles.

If you would like to see who we are; our experience; some topics we have taught; or the basis of our teaching please see our brief biographies and statement of faith.
You can contact us here.

Luckie Duo Marlene


Brief Biographies:

Marlene was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Luckie was born in Brighton, Colorado. Each had Christian parents who taught them the scriptures, beginning at an early age. They each accepted Christ as Savior while children and became involved in all areas of church activity; and soon began assuming leadership roles in their individual church groups.
Summer visits by Marlene to her grandparents in Colorado enabled them to be childhood friends and finally sweethearts. Married life began first in the Army, then the Air Force spending over twenty five years in military service, of which fourteen consecutive years were in overseas assignments. They raised three daughters, and several cats.


During military service they served the Lord by participation in Base Chapel activities. They carried a special burden to teach and disciple military men and women who were often away from home for the first time and in need of guidance. They became "Mom and Dad" to a couple of hundred of these "kids." (See
Spang-Gang below.)
Marlene actively participated in the Protestant Women Of the Chapel (PWOC) on the local, regional and international levels. As European Council President, she provided guidance for local chapters on bases throughout Europe and the Mid East. She acquired a wealth of knowledge about Christian outreach to women. She directed choirs of all ages, and a variety of musical ensembles, in both Protestant and Catholic Chapel services. One choir was recognized as "Best Small Chapel Choir" in the Air Force.

Luckie assumed leadership roles in a variety of Chapel programs including young adult activities, Sunday School Superintendent, Protestant Men of the Chapel (PMOC) activities, several Bible studies in both ladie's & men's groups. His love for teaching the scriptures resulted in his pursuit of an education in Greek, Systematic Theology and Philosophy, for which our loving God provided highly qualified instructors and mentors along the way.
Both were commended by the Air Force Chief of Chaplains for their service to the Chapel programs of several bases throughout the world.


Today, they are partially retired. The family has grown to four granddaughters, one grandson, five great-grandsons.

However, neither one can seem to stay "retired" but both are close.

After over twenty-five years in the military Luckie retired took off a uniform, put on a suit and went back to the same work, Metrology first in Electronics, then in Aerospace. He was very active as a delegate/member to NCSL International (National Conference of Standards Laboratories International). During this time he earned a MBA in Finance from National University. After fourteen years at an aerospace company, where he held technical (Chief Metrologist) and senior management positions (Director, Quality Technology), he retired. He worked a couple of tax seasons, as a licensed tax preparer, with a tax company, then a year as Treasurer for a local church, and nursery school. Friends think he was trying to avoid that "honey do" list, that Marlene keeps trying to give him. Now he is saying "only volunteer work" but we will see.

Marlene had planned on being a house wife after having "retired" from being the "Lay Ministries Coordinator" and "jack of all trades" in a couple of churches. However, she found an opportunity to work part time at a used and antique book store. After 8 years the store closed. She really had enjoyed being among all those books; so much so, that now she "combs" every yard sale for books - with alarming success - and they come home with her now we need a barn!


Some of our "kids" attended a reunion of the "Spang-Gang" after ≈32 years of not seeing each other. It was a wonderful time of "catching up" and seeing God's working in our lives.
Group Photo, Reunion

Luckie and Marlene presently make their home in the "like, you know" San Fernando Valley of California.